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Do You Still Think of Me?

The Ebullient One

Time For Vengeance

I Keep My Cell Phone Upon My Desk

I Respect To Gent

Make Sure You Tie Your Shoe

I Was a Night Guard At An Old Age Home

So Dreamy

A Way Through

One Glass At a Time


I will publish eleven poems at a time
with no timeline set upon how long the poetry will remain.
I will publish no more than one per day,
so that each poem will have a minimum of eleven days
before being moved to the Whisper archive.
When I receive new poetry that I feel is what I would like to see
in my publication, I will move the oldest poem to the Whisper archive
and replace it with the new one. The newest poem will always be on top.
Michael R. Roth Editor

You may submit your poetry to the following email address,
Please include your poetry in the body of the email
as I will not open attachments,
and please don't send more than 5 at a time.

Because of the tremendous amount of spam that I have been receiving
at poetry@ur-online-shopping.com I have lost a couple of my recent
submissions and am forced to shut this email address down!!!
Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


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